Lyric Arts: Real Women Have Curves

October 14, 2022 - October 30, 2022 Lyric Arts

Set in a tiny sewing factory in East L.A., this is the outrageously funny story of five Mexican-American women who are racing to meet nearly impossible deadlines in order to keep their factory from going under. And while they work, they talk…about their husbands and lovers, their children and their dreams for the future. Ana, however, has dreams bigger than sewing the rest of her life away. Her world-weary coworkers can’t help but laugh at her ambitions and what they consider her “idealistic feminist philosophies.” As the summer unfolds, the threat of deportation and cultural pressures mount. The women navigate issues of self-image while uniting to achieve their seemingly impossible goals; learning to love and appreciate not only one another, but themselves in the process. A microcosm of the Latina immigrant experience, REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES celebrates women’s bodies, the power of women, and the incredible bond that happens when women work together.

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