The Foreigner

May 29, 2020 - June 21, 2020 Lyric Arts Main Street Stage

While on a much-needed getaway at a fishing lodge in rural Georgia, Charlie Baker—a pathologically shy Englishman overcome with fear at the thought of making conversation with strangers—passes himself off as a foreigner from an exotic country who doesn’t speak English.

Thinking Charlie doesn’t understand what is being said, the lodge’s guests each begin revealing their deepest, darkest secrets. Eventually he overhears much more than he should and discovers a sinister plan that must be stopped, leading to a wildly funny and surprising ending in which things go uproariously awry for the “bad guys” and the “good guys” emerge triumphant.

A perennial audience favorite, this farce about the power of kindness is as hysterical and as relevant now as it was in its 1985 premiere.

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