Central Anoka County Regional Trail

Centerville Segment (3.8 miles, Rating 3.5)
This segment begins at 35E in historic Centerville. Paralleling Main Street (CR 14) all the while, it goes between Centerville and Peltier Lakes before curving north past the expansive marshes of George Watch Lake. It ends at 35W. The surrounding natural wonder of the Rice Lakes certainly is splendid, but other nearby trails can show you the same thing without the next to a road part.

Andover Segment (2.5 miles, Rating 1)
This segment, running next to the dangerously busy County Road 116, is thoroughly unpleasant and doesn’t lead much of anywhere. Oddly enough, it is the only segment with signage telling you that you are on the right trail, and it needs it the least.

Anoka Segment (1.8 miles, Rating 2.5)
This segment begins at the corner of Seventh Avenue and Bunker Lake Blvd. (County Road 116), goes past a library and a wind turbine, then intersects with the Rum River Trail (which connects to downtown Anoka, to the south) before crossing the Rum River. From there, it enters River Bend Park, where it briefly curves away from the highway, before ending at Germanium Street in Ramsey. You can make a good ride using this and the Rum River Trail.

Ramsey Segment (1.2 miles, Rating 2)
The Ramsey Segment of the trail runs next to County Road 116 from Tungsten Street to Hematite Street. Though the road is not nearly as busy here as it is in Andover, the fact that the trail is still next to the road is impossible to be ignored.

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